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Back to office from holidays: 5 tips to start over with positivity! - 1blog-1-2

Back to office from holidays: 5 tips to start over with positivity!

As the days go by, the memory of the holidays becomes less and less vivid, the rhythms of daily life at work are pressing and could become more stressful.

How to prolong the beneficial effects of summer relaxation?

Here are the five tips from Opsobjects.

Plan a new vacation

Whether it’s just for a weekend or a few more days, plan a new trip now: choose an easily accessible destination and don’t put away your suitcases! A trip or a picnic can be a great short-term goal that will ensure you have a positive energy boost to use at work.

Resume or start sporting activity

Break the monotony of routine with sporting activity which, practiced with a certain consistency, can give you moments of lightheartedness. Whatever sport you choose, take the time to practice it, you will be able to reduce stress by distracting yourself from bad moods and negative moods to make room for dynamism and positivity.

Organize your work

Organize the calendar of your commitments, avoid close appointments and take your time: think, elaborate, organize and put into practice what you have planned. By doing so, you will not be overwhelmed by the thousands of commitments and tasks and you will be the one to guide the activities to work with firmness and determination.

Enjoy your lunch break

A whole morning closed in the office, continuously exposed to artificial lights can stress our body, which is why the lunch break is essential: never skip it, but rather choose a place outdoors as long as the weather permits.

Get creative with outfits

Think of the working day as an opportunity to show off new looks and accessories. Take care of yourself before going to the office, combining garments and jewels as you prefer. We have already talked about this theme by offering you the coolest office outfits when you return from the holidays, enrich them with your favorite accessories by choosing from the novelties proposed by Ops ! 

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