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Opsobjects launches the new adv campaign with an amazing solo, an ode to beauty. A woman, Beatrice Brusco. One city, Naples. And the new collections by Opsobjects, the fashion jewelery brand designed in Italy.

Five delicately sensual shots portray the model in the frame of some symbolic places of the Neapolitan city. Piazza del Plebiscito, the steps of San Francesco di Paola, via Toledo, the Umberto gallery and the Santa Lucia district reveal all their true charm made of memory and architecture, people and culture. Thus, the contemporary face and the ethereal allure chosen for the campaign tell of Naples’ ability to renew itself in a temporal stratification.

Opsobjects jewels enhance the new beauty standards interpreted by Beatrice Brusco, already the face of numerous campaigns, and express, in the various collections, a never predictable splendor in which attention to detail and research on materials immediately become a trend. The eclectic, spontaneous and sophisticated beauty of the precious Opsobjects confronts the classic, dense and eternal beauty of Naples, in a neoclassical symphony that intertwines intensity and lightness, tradition and fashion.

Naples is woman, passion and spontaneity, it is life and charm. These are the characteristics that prompted Opsobjects to choose the city as the set of its campaign: the same perfect mix from which the collections of the brand are also born, which take to the streets for the first time to immerse themselves in the polyphonic beauty of Naples, as in an extraordinary movie.

The campaign is broadcast from today on the OPSOBJECTS website, and will be planned on the main female target groups with a hype that will also involve the television channel.

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