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Scramble Me with Cuddles!

The new Spring Summer 2015 campaign designed by OLIVIERO TOSCANI for the Italian fashion jewelery brand.
Rediscover the desire to cuddle and cuddle, to laugh and play, to look into each other’s eyes and let yourself go to a spontaneous feeling. This is the invitation launched by the new Spring Summer 2015 campaign signed for
OPSOBJECTS by Oliviero Toscani who continues the collaboration inaugurated last season with Italian brand.
Starring a boy and a girl. A couple who, breaking out of the stereotypes of sensuality at all costs but also from the aseptic nature of virtual contacts, it communicates a fresh, emotional and above all authentic physicality.
And to emphasize the pleasure of being together, the joy of a hug, of touching and scrambling each other, many bracelets and watches from the new OPSOBJECTS collection mixed together. All different in shapes and colors, because each meeting is different from the other. OPSOBJECTS jewels are born from an instinctive and vital creativity like that of feelings. They are always freely interpretable by the wearer.
Oliviero Toscani with this series of images turns his unconventional gaze on feelings and about love. His vision is on the same wavelength as OPSOBJECTS ‘philosophy of emotions. A brand that has subverted the rules of the classic jewel, revolutionizing shapes, materials and colors. New cult.
Bracelets and accessories that can be combined and worn as you wish to convey your own to others way of being and feeling.
“The tactility, color and shape of these new collections stimulated me to portray, through a couple playful and spontaneous, the renewed desire for authentic physicality ”, declares Oliviero Toscani.
“We are happy that a great communicator and master of photography like Oliviero Toscani has signed also this new campaign. Once again his vision hit the mark, interpreting with our collections are original ”, says Luca Giglio, partner of OPSOBJECTS. The new press campaign is planned for the main fashion and lifestyle magazines in Italy from April 2015.

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