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Elisa Maino for Opsobjects

Opsobjects presents a capsule signed with Elisa Maino Fun and colorful charms embellish the accessories designed by the famous web star Elisa Maino, the very popular youtuber whom Opsobjects has recently chosen as the new ambassador, experiments with the role of designer. The sixteen-year-old, idol of a generation for her skills, her character and her style, has in fact designed a capsule of jewels for the made in Italy brand. These are 8 combinations consisting of a necklace and earrings with charms in the name of color and creativity. Among stars, clouds, planes, shells, hearts and shamrocks, each combination recalls a passion or a suggestion – from the sea to travel through luck – and tells something about Elisa Maino but also about the wearer. And the same happens with the packaging: the package contains a phrase, identifying the capsule, that the sixteen year old addresses to her fans and to those who choose these jewels: “A special year, wonderful memories, unforgettable days and today emotions to wear to relive every single one. moment spent with you. A fantastic memory for each pendant! ” Original accessories in step with the times that, just like posting a photo on Instagram or a thought on Facebook, tell the wishes of today’s young people. Dynamic young people, curious, active on social networks, sensitive to trends and passionate about beauty: just like the Opsobjects ambassador.

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