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Bracelets and rings: the perfect mix for any occasion - 976x800-BRACCIALI-2

Bracelets and rings: the perfect mix for any occasion

“Bracelets and rings: the perfect mix for any occasion

Now that you know how to combine earrings and necklaces and when to wear them, here are some tips from the Opsobjects experts for wearing coordinated bracelets and rings!

Tennis bracelets
Versatile and also suitable for those who do not have a thin wrist, tennis bracelets, with or without charms, are truly perfect with every look, both casual and formal.

Cuff bracelets
Cuff bracelets are not for everyone, but they are especially suitable for those with fine and thin wrists.
The OPS! JOY, for example, are elastic bracelets of various sizes, even in the maxi format in cuff style. Many color combinations that go well with the most diverse outfits and characters: from elegant to boho, from romantic to fashion.

Which rings to choose
The right ring must highlight and enhance our hand, so you have to pay close attention to shape and size. The wide band rings, for example, give long fingers, the maxi rings instead resize large hands but do not enhance the smaller hands and with rounder and softer fingers.

Layering look with rings and bracelets
The real must have of the moment is the layering look, that is, overlapping and wearing many different rings or bracelets, one on top of the other. Green light to midi rings, maxi rings and bracelets of all shapes and sizes!”

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