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Blue Monday: the saddest day of the year! - blue-monday-2

Blue Monday: the saddest day of the year!

“Today is Blue Monday, which is the saddest day of the year! For some years now, all social networks from Facebook to Twitter have been celebrating this day with sarcastic videos, memes and posts, but what is #BlueMonday? How was it born and what is celebrated on this day?
Let’s do some clarity!

What are the origins of Blue Monday?
Blue Monday was born in Great Britain in 2005 by the hand of Cliff Arnall, a science writer at Cardiff University. In an article in The Guardian Arnall, a psychologist, claimed to have identified the reasons that push customers of airlines and agencies to book a trip. According to his study, reservations were made during moments and periods of customer discontent and caused by various factors, such as the distance from Christmas, the failure of the good intentions of the beginning of the year, the weather, etc.

Blue Monday: how it went viral
The article made headlines and the advertising agency Porter Novelli decided to exploit the theory’s media notoriety by creating viral and successful marketing campaigns on the Blue Monday brand.
From that moment on, the third Monday of the year has been identified as Blue Monday, the day on which, after the end of the Christmas holidays, we officially return to the old routine.

Blue Monday: how to escape from sadness
Blue Monday is a particular psychological condition, in which we are willing to shop and travel, so why not take advantage of it? Let the sadness pass and make yourself a gift, on the Ops shop you will find a selection of discounted products up to 40%, watches, rings and bracelets not to be missed!”

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