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Black Epiphany: New Year’s Ops Resolutions to live with style - BLACK-EPIPHANY-1-2

Black Epiphany: New Year’s Ops Resolutions to live with style

“January 2019 – The month of beginnings and new resolutions. There will be many lists that you have already started to write and there will be many good intentions that you will have placed yourself.

Opsobjects has also made its list of good intentions for its brand lovers so that they can live in full fashion this year that has just begun!

So here are the good style intentions proposed by Opsobjects.

Choose colorful outfits
Make an effort to vary the colors of your outfits and abandon total black. Winter 2019 fashion focuses on color, don’t be caught unprepared!

Refresh your wardrobe
How many items of clothing and accessories have you not worn for years and which now only live in your closet? Make room for the new by eliminating what you have not used for a long time, in this way you can indulge yourself by buying clothes and accessories from the latest collections taking advantage of both the sales and the Black Epiphany! Choose from the many proposals Ops! what would best complement your outfits. An example could be the Ops! Glitter watches available in both silver and gold, perfect both during the day, to give a sparkling touch to your look, and in the evening.

Don’t give up on accessories
There is no outfit that can be considered complete without the right accessories: necklaces, bracelets, rings, bags… the details make the difference. Take advantage of the Black Epiphany promo with discounts up to 30% on all Ops products! An opportunity not to be missed to start the year with the right accessory for every occasion.

Observe, get informed, choose your style
Fashion comes from fashion shows, history and collections. Get informed, investigate and dare with trends to create your style. On our blog every week you will find advice, curiosities and previews on fashion trends, on the main fashion events but also columns on the history of fashion and tradition. Helping you choose your style by offering you quality contributions and content will be the first of our good intentions for 2019!

Another OPS! will be to offer you many discounts for 2019, so that you can follow fashion trends while saving money. A promo you cannot give up will be the Black Epiphany: 7 days of pure shopping, from 6 to 13 January 2019, in which all Opsobjects products will be discounted by 30% on the official website.

Make the most of Vintage
Vintage is not synonymous with “”used””. The historical garments that have made fashion over the years have a strong personality and are able to strongly communicate your style. Combine retro pieces with up-to-date pieces.

Happy 2019 from Opsobjects!”

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