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The choice of the right ring size could be sometimes difficult, especially if it is a present for someone else. That is why here in Opsobjects we created a short guide to make your choice easier and safer.

Here it is a PDF file, print it on a A4 paper, setting the printing to “Actual Size” (100%).

This lets you check the size of rings you already have and then choose, between the ones available on our catalogue, the right size for you.

Every ring is available in different sizes and it is therefore important to take into account which finger you want to wear it on.

Follow these few easy steps, once you have printed the PDF guide:

  • Take a ring that you usually wear on your chosen finger
  • Place it on the circles that you can find in the table of the printed guide. The circle corresponding to the circumference of your ring represents the correct size. If you have doubts between two sizes, choose the larger one!
  • The number in the circle corresponds to the size to be ordered. The value below corresponds to the diameter of the finger.

In the event that you do not have a ring for reference, you can take the measure finger circumference with a tape measure. Knowing the circumference in fact lets you quickly choose the right ring size, by consulting this ring size conversion table

You can even easily divide the measure of the circumference by 3,14. The result you get is the diameter measure, that you can then verify to which size corresponds by consulting the last page of the ring sizes table

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