The accessories designed by the famous web star, are enhanced by fun and colorful charms.Elisa Maino, the popular youtuber who has been chosen by Opsobjects as the new brand ambassador, is testing herself as a designer
The teenager, who is a true idol for her generation thanks to her abilities, behavior and style, has in fact designed her own capsule collection together with the Italian brand. This collection is composed by eight combinations of necklaces, earrings and super colored and original charms. Stars, clouds, airplanes, shells, hearts and four-leaf clovers, each combination recalls a passion or a suggestion – from the seaside to trips by way of fortune - and tells something more about Elisa Maino and everyone choosing to wear them.
It happens the same with the packaging: each box displays a quote, evoking the capsule collection soul, which Elisa Maino addresses to her fans and to everyone will choose to wear her collection: "A special year, wonderful memories, unforgettable days and emotions to wear to recover every single moment spent together. A great memory for every charm! "