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Two young ladies turn children for an afternoon, losing themselves in a symbolic Luna Park. Once left the city chaos, they just enjoy the laziness and the amusement of a sunny day spent in a magic atmosphere that, recalling the typical Coney Island’s American taste, make them feel that their dreams will come true. And around them there is a sugary smell of pop-corn and cotton candies, a metallic noise of a merry-go-round, a music played in the speakers all around and the carousel’s lights blending with the sunlight. This is the new 2019 spring/summer Opsobjects campaign: a story telling about two girls who are great friends and love the life to the fullest. They have the same gentle, glam and sexy style, and they state it with Opsobjects accessories. Opsobjects is a brand driven by the made in Italy but which always keeps an eye on the world, like the two young friends do, dreaming big and planning a future without borders.

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