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C A L I F O R N I A D R E A M I ​​N G

Two friends traveling in a vintage Mercedes convertible. The city behind is a faded shadow, in front of it is a deserted and pristine road. The horizon is a straight line on fire from the sun, dreaming of California, with the wind in your hair and the silent song of nature all around interrupted only by the tinkling of jewels on the skin.

The new Opsobjects Autumn-Winter 2018-19 campaign declines the beat spirit of Jack Kerouac, of his masterpiece novel On the road, to women. Imagine two granddaughters of the Beat Generation traveling, in search of their own personal style, their own path and California which is nothing more than the utopia of happiness.

The new lines of Opsobjects accessories caress the bodies of the models with a unique mix of style and contemporaneity and embody the ideals of freedom and bliss that illuminates everything. Perfect interpreters of all the different emotions that cross the soul of the two friends on their journey towards an infinite ideal. On the road, accomplices and free, the two models, the brunette with long dark and mesmeric hair Dahila Provost, and the blonde with big green eyes Maria Zachariassen, are two modern Thelma and Louise, sexy and romantic, sweet and gritty.

The images of the campaign, directed by Michele Pesce, the lens by Eugenio D’Orio, photograph a dreamlike everywhere, projecting the roots of the Made in Italy brand towards scenarios as far as the eye can see. The Californian dream and the passion for adventure unite the two girls who exchange knowing glances, pose in front of the camera of a vintage Polaroid, linger bored and seductive between the retro leather seats of the car and walk in the wild nature like two explorers with a bohemian spirit and free attitude. Heirs of a generation of hippies, rebellious, poetic and wild, welcome life in its free use. While the warm light of the sun reflects on the jewelry, illuminating its color and brilliance. It is the details of Opsobjects jewels that define the story, give body to emotions, reflect the strong and sexy, dreamy and rebellious, daring and sophisticated style of next season. The east coast has never been so close.”

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